Ad-hoc inquiry and reporting in Dynamics SL.

INQUIRY for Dynamics SL is an ad-hoc query product designed for users at all levels of your organization. The intuitive features help users successfully find the answers they need. Fully integrated into Dynamics SL security, INQUIRY displays friendly names of fields, tables and queries to make using and building queries easy and allows users to drill down and navigate directly into the Dynamics SL screens displaying the source of query results. Queries based on tables, views and stored procedures give query designers power and flexibility.

Flexible Queries

Whether using the set of 20 plus starting inquiries spanning most of the SL modules, or using the INQUIRY Builder to create custom queries, report designers have the ability to access data from Dynamics SL and other databases in their systems.

With a robust and intuitive interface offering powerful end user functionality such as ‘on the fly’ grouping, totaling, savable favorites and a search capability second to none, INQUIRY for Dynamics SL is the Ad-Hoc query application that’s a must have for every Dynamics SL install.

Custom Search and Data Sources

INQUIRY for Dynamics SL offers a visual environment loaded with functionality that's intuitive enough to start using immediately with little to no training. With a unique presentation of parent / child data and navigation that makes finding queries fast and logical, its the perfect interface to display the relational data of the Dynamics SL system.

The search capability provided by INQUIRY offers simplicity to the every day user with friendly field names and search values and an easy to use interface. For sophisticated users INQUIRY offers power features including nested parenthetical restrictions, “And/Or” operators and an interface capable of creating a search as complex as a hand written SQL WHERE clause. On the fly Grouping, totaling and subtotaling help with quick analysis and put ad-hoc capabilities in the hands of the end user. Column Metrics are added automatically to every column giving you access to column information that makes reporting easier.


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