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Dynamics SL Integration

INQUIRY is a Dynamics SL add-in that is launched from the Dynamics SL application, and utilizes Dynamics SL security.


INQUIRY includes prebuilt queries that can be used, copied, and modified as needed. Prebuilt queries include GL, AP, AR, Inventory, Order Management, and Project.

Query Editor

Columns can be added, removed, and rearranged in a query, by using the Query Editor window. Every column has additional metrics automatically added for better analysis.

Query Editor

Use search criteria to create powerful queries that restrict the data displayed.


Data can be grouped by dragging and dropping columns in the INQUIRY screen, or by creating summarized queries in the Query Editor.

Multiple Levels Of Detail

Queries can show multiple levels of detail, such as orders with order lines as shown.


Save modified queries as Favorites for reuse, and optionally share favorites with other users.

Excel Export

Export data to Excel, whilst maintaining formatting and grouping.


Actions allow drilling into Dynamics SL screens, and drilling around to open other queries.
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