Address verification in Dynamics GP.

ZipAssist verifies addresses as they are entered in Dynamics GP, preventing inaccurate mailing addresses in your system with on-the-fly verification.

A mass update utility keeps addresses up to date every two months.

Addresses are compared to the Postal Service address database at point of entry. If a match is found, the record is saved, otherwise ZipAssist will display a dialog box indicating typos, invalid addresses and reasons for the mismatch.

PostCode Assist verifies against Canadian or UK postal databases.

Correction at the Point of Entry

ZipAssist works anywhere you enter addresses into the Dynamics GP core modules. Set the tabbing order of the window to jump from the address field directly to the zip code field then simply enter the street address and zip code, and ZipAssist will automatically fill in the city and state information, and add the correct Zip+4.

Research Problem Addresses

If ZipAssist cannot fix an address automatically, you can research the problem address with ZipBrowser. ZipBrowser queries the US Postal Service database for the correct address and drills down addresses on the same street and city. When the correct address is located simply press the Update button to fill in the correct address in Dynamics® GP.

ZipAssist Can:

  • Clean and standardize address spellings upon entry
  • Ensure that your letters and packages can be delivered correctly
  • Save money on undeliverable mail
  • Save on address correction fees from Third Partly Shippers
  • Provide faster data entry and reduce keystrokes
  • Determine whether the address is a street or P.O. Box
  • Add Zip+4 information for more professional mail presentation
  • Ensure the correct city and state are entered for tax calculations


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