Technical Support Guidelines

In the course of implementing your Accountable Software application, situations sometimes arise that require technical support or professional services to resolve them. This document is intended to define when incidents qualify as free support, billable support or professional services.

Technical Support

Technical Support in general, is provided on a per incident basis and is intended to provide help with situations such as: how-to questions for documented features, troubleshooting issues arising from the intended use of our products, product registration inquiries and application requirements information. Technical Support is not intended to be a resource for the full implementation or installation of our solutions.

Technical Support Incident Defined

An incident is defined as a single issue described during your opening contact with Technical Support. Issues that are a result of the original incident, or are caused by changes made in the process of correcting that incident, are considered part of that primary incident.

Any additional, non-related issue raised during the resolution of the original issue is considered a separate incident and will be charged accordingly.

Professional Services Defined

Typically professional services are provided as extended assistance with issues not related to product usability, troubleshooting and problem resolution. See the Professional Services Examples section of this document for more details.

Non-Billable Incidents

Non-billable incidents include those related to documentation errors and issues arising from a software problem within our product. See the Non-Billable Incident Examples section of this document for more details. Customers not on a Foundation Plan will be required to provide credit card information prior to opening an incident, but will not be charged if the call is non-billable.

Non-Billable Incident Examples

Examples of non-billable incidents would include questions related to: inaccurate or incomplete documentation of a product feature and incorrect execution of a feature based on how it has been documented.

Billable Incidents

All support incidents are considered billable unless the technical support representative handling the incident determines them to be non-billable. See the Billable Incident Examples section of this document for more details.

Billable Incident Examples

Examples of Billable support for all products includes questions related to implementation*, installation*, upgrades, migrations, and application requirements. Product specific examples are listed below. While this list does not contain all issues, it is provided to give some baseline regarding support charges.

Billable incidents for BI Reporting, INQUIRY and the AnyView product line include:

  • *Component, Object, View and Viewer Creation

  • Security Setup

  • *Goto Creation

  • Drill Around Creation

  • DSN / ODBC Setup

  • *Installation including database, client and server installs

  • Web Application Setup

  • *IIS Functionality

  • External Login Setup

Billable Forms Printer and Forms Printer for Project Accounting incidents include:

  • DSN | ODBC Setup

  • *Report Modification

  • *Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services Functionality

  • Citrix / Terminal Server Installs

Billable ZipAssist incidents include:

  • Database Updates

  • Client Updates

  • Address Verification

  • Mass Modification Utility

  • Citrix / Terminal Server Installs

*In some cases these issues are handled as a Professional Service. This determination will be made during the initial contact for the incident.

Professional Service Examples

Some examples of Professional Services would include installation, implementation, setup and customization of your solution.

Also included in professional services is support for any product not owned or developed by Accountable Software. All reasonable accommodation is made to aid in the success of the solution, and technical support representatives make an effort to provide assistance with products associated with Accountable solutions. However, in the event a problem proves to be caused by any supporting application, the support representative handling the incident will make a determination as to whether the support required to resolve the issue can be provided.

Examples of supporting applications include but are not limited to Internet Information Services, Crystal Reports, Microsoft and Microsoft Business Solutions products.

Technical Support Information

Once enrolled in the Foundation Plan or with the purchase of support incidents, you may contact our technical support team by telephone or by Email. If you are not currently enrolled in the Foundation Plan, please contact us by phone to make support arrangements. When contacting support, please provide your registered site name, product, Microsoft Business Solution version, and a detailed description of the issue.

Technical Support Hours Technical Support Contact Information
Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST Telephone: 610.983.3100 option: 2
Technical Support is closed on major US Holidays. Click here for Holiday Schedule. Email:
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