Software Service Plans

This document outlines the Support and Service offerings of the Accountable Software Technical Support Team. These plans are designed with three goals in mind; to guarantee successful installation and implementation of your new solution, facilitate the effective use of your solution in reaching your goals, and ensure your continued satisfaction with Accountable Software’s products and services.

Foundation Plan

The Foundation Plan is required with the initial software purchase, and guarantees the availability of support for one year. If you should require assistance getting your new solution operational, our technical support team will be available, guaranteed. The Foundation Plan ensures the successful deployment of your Accountable Software solution at the onset of your enrollment. In addition it provides continued return on investment as enhancements and new features are added, it also ensures available support for those releases.


  • Introductory contact welcoming you to Accountable Software’s Foundation Plan.
  • 3 technical support incidents per product for use during the term of the plan.
  • Automatic enrollment in the Enhancement Plan.
  • Reduced rate for additional support incident purchases.

Enhancement Plan

The Enhancement Plan ensures the success of your solution by making available all product updates and version changes for one year. During the term of your Enhancement Plan you can upgrade your Microsoft Business Solutions product to any released versions knowing that all of your Accountable Software Solutions will be available. A current Enhancement Plan, along with our commitment to release our products simultaneously with Microsoft business Solutions guarantees that you can upgrade whenever you choose.


  • Support for all new versions of Microsoft Business Solutions products released within the maintenance plan year.
  • Access (via download) to new enhancements, solution improvements and service packs.
  • 3 technical support incidents per product for use during the term of the plan.
  • Reduced rate for additional support incident purchases.

Pricing Rate Late Renewal Pricing Additional % Charged
(% of List Price) – Charged Annually 30 Days 18%
Foundation Plan– Required year 1 18%
Enhancement Plan 18%

Plan renewals are due by the plan anniversary date. Late penalties are assessed after a 30 day grace period. After a period of 90 days, an additional year of renewal must be paid in advance at the time of payment.

Additional Support Availability

In the event that additional support incidents are needed, technical support will continue to be available in the manner of Per Incident Support and Support Packs as outlined below:

Support Incident – 5 Pack Rate Support Incident– Single Rate
With Current Service Plan 600 With Current Service Plan 150
Not available without a current plan Not available without a current plan

Technical Support Information

Once enrolled in the Foundation Plan or with the purchase of support incidents, you may contact our technical support team by telephone or by Email. If you are not currently enrolled in the Foundation Plan, please contact us by phone to make support arrangements. When contacting support, please provide your registered site name, product, Microsoft Business Solution version, and a detailed description of the issue.

Technical Support Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST

Technical Support is closed on major US Holidays.

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Technical Support Contact Information

Telephone: 610.983.3100 option: 2


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